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    Easy FX Access Across The African Continent.
    Send Money from any African country, from any African currency
    and we will pay into any beneficiary bank account globally in USD, GBP, EURO, CNY or any other foreign currency.
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    FX Payments Services for Financial Institutions.
    Seamless FX services that enables financial institutions
    to offer global FX payment services to their customers while they pay in local currency.
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    Bespoke Global FX Card to Card Transfer.
    This enables financial institutions to offer card to card transfer service
    to their card holders to any bank account in any foreign currency.
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    B2B Payments Across Africa.
    Solution that enables Businesses to send and receive payments across Africa.

Send Payments Globally with Easy FX Access

When you need to pay money out, RemitPlus global network of local bank accounts and centralised transaction checking means you can do so faster and with enhanced security. RemitPlus enables you to make multiple settlements in any currency you choose, directing your payments to any destination bank where your recipients can access the payment safely. From payroll services, supplier payments and even B2C functions such as streamlined refunds for your customers, the Inpay network can give you truly global reach. Faster, safer, simpler and more cost-efficient FX payments solution for Exporters, B2B and C2C clients. RemitPlus can offer a superior solution to cross-border payments, relying on our partner banks and payments partner hubs to deliver payments to over 200 countries globally.


Nigeria FX Payment

Through our aggregation platform of Financial FX services we ensure seamless connections to cross border and FX service providers and enable easy and quick payments and transfering of funds from Nigeria to any bank account in the world while allowing you to pay in Naira. Transfer GBP, Euro, USD and Chinese Yen to any bank account in the world and pay in Naira, your payments will through our cross border FX payments partners get delivered to any bank account you want anywhere in the world. Register today and start making payments to any bank account globally. You need GBP, Euro or USD to your Nigerian bank domicillary account? Pay in Naira and get the GBP, Euro or USD to your domiciliary bank account in Nigeria.